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    Rotita Coupon Code as they say they have tons of stuff for plus-sized girls whether you're big chested or you're you know hours hour shaped or what have you like i said this is the biggest i've ever been in my life i used to all the time i was a seven like i i sported a size seven for pretty much a long time in my life unless i was pregnant of course but um after my pregnancies and stuff i got skinny then i got big and there's a lot of reasons behind that and i will go into that when you hear my story but um again just trust and believe i used to be a seven went up up up but this is the biggest i've ever been and that's going to be rectified soon hopefully we can you know get through that but anyway i wanted to just dedicate this video to rotita i want to say thank you to miss ivey for gifting me these um yeah i just want to say thank you and again like um i did
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